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nNN 4/28/11

<strong>Cyber Sports Network presents "Everyone Must Die" $2200 TDM/Duel event! </strong>

North American TDM is back! Team Deathmatch has taken a back seat to Duel recently, but the Cyber Sports Network is set to make some changes with the Everyone Must Die $2,200 Duel and TDM Cup series!

Classic 4v4 Team Deathmatch is back with a bang, boasting a total prize pool of $1,000 USD. The prize pool will hopefully ensure the participation of America's best - who knows which classic players may dust off their mouse mats and mount a TDM comeback! If TDM’s not your thing, there’s even more personal glory (and cash!) to win in the Everyone Must Die $1,200 USD Duel event. rapha has been cleaning up the duel competitions as of late, but ZeRo4 and CZM have been quickly regaining their old form, and up-and-comer ziel poses a larger threat with each cup.

The prize pools are larger than any North American event in recent memory; will this be enough to bring back other top-NA duel talent such as DaHanG, Vo0, chance, dkt, and griffin? What teams will form to compete in TDM? We hope this event will spotlight the very best players in the QuakeLive scene!



1st. $500 2nd. $250 3rd. $175 4th. $125 5th. $100 6th. $50

Team Deathmatch

1st. $500 2nd. $300 3rd. $200

Map Pool:

Duel • Aerowalk • Bloodrun • Lost World • Vertical Vengeance • Furious Heights • Hektik • Toxicity

Team Deathmatch • Hidden fortress • Deep Inside • Intervention • Realm of Steel Rats • Grim Dungeons • Purgatory • Dreadful Place

Event Format:

Duel: 4 qualifying cups. The 4 top finishers of each cup are seeded into a 16 man group stage. The top 2 finishers from each group are entered into a single elimination bracket to determine the winner.

Team Deathmatch: Best-of-3 group stages into single elimination Playoffs to determine the champion. Playoffs will be Bo5.


Duel Qualifier #1: 02:00 BST, 9 May 2011

Duel Qualifier #2: 02:00 BST, 12 May 2011

Duel Qualifier #3: 02:00 BST, 19 May 2011

1 Round of TDM: 02:00 BST, 20 May 2011

Duel Qualifier #4: 02:00 BST, 22 May 2011

2 Rounds of TDM: 02:00 BST, 27 May 2011

Duel Group Stage: 00:00 BST, 30 May 2011

2 Rounds of TDM: 02:00 BST, 3 June 2011

Duel Playoffs: 00:00 BST, 6 June 2011

Duel Playoffs (if needed): 02:00 BST, 7 June 2011

TDM Playoffs: 01:00 BST, 13 June 2011


Duel Qualifier #1 - <a href='' class='inlineurl'>LINK</a>

Team Deathmach: <a href='' class='inlineurl'>LINK</a>

If these events prove successful, CSN will continue to support Quake Live for the foreseeable future. We hope the Everyone Must Die series can reignite QL in North America!

If you have any questions feel free to message a CSN admin via irc #CSN on gamesurge or via our website forums, thanks!

By j0sh on 28 Apr 2011 06:09
nNN - DH 2011 & More!

Quake Live TDM Teams formed!

Rumor has it that 4Kings Polish members have split off to create a TDM team with Av3kkk for this year's DH- TRUE. Serious Gaming has recruited Av3kkk, wEst, v3rb, & zik.

RG-Esport is bringing a team as usual, with no real changes- bab, Juvenile, V1UM, s7ry, ZeroQL.

From the Tundra, we've got the Russians bringing in a team, and they've been taking it very seriously from what I understand, spending much time training. Their lineup is as follows: Cooller, Jibo, Mikes, Frozen.

And arguably the best TDM team ever iCE cLIMBERS is BACK in the hunt fielding the lineup of: toxjq, GOPHER, l1nkin & stermy, fresh from Fnatic after they dropped their team sponsorship.

DreamHack 2011 starts in Jönköping, Sweden from June 18th, 2011 until June 21st, 2011, and with months still to go it is expected that Reason Gaming (fazz, noctis, zyv, deus, ddk), xentorium & others will show up with a team as well.


Speaking of fazz, congrats to him for his Jeesports Quake Live Open Cup #1 victory! Keep an eye out for more Jeesports cups- their plans are to hold regular events on par with the weekly Zotac cups!


This week, on ESR:

Chronicles of czm: Check these out for some inside information about the man, the myth, the legend- czm, who has been making a comeback in the last few months. A series taking on different subjects every week (or so). IIRC, its a 6-parter.

Nation's Cup going on, well, uh, yesterday. NOt sure if it still is- hopefully another neab can enlighten me on this!

Cypher won the Empire Quake Live Challenge Final vs. ash_, collecting 4000 rubles.

Other drama from around the leagues & arena!

GLHF neabs, ttyl!

By j0sh on 22 Mar 2011 06:31