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How to join?

It's easy! You MUST agree to our Code of Conduct:
  1. neabs use the Quake Live chat to relay in-game information, joke around, and encourage teammates.
  2. neabs play the game to win, and recognize that it is only a game.
  3. neab respects id Software for providing them with an amazing, free game, and also additionally respect the players who respect the game.
  4. neab conduct follows a neab wherever they may go, this includes other forums, communities, and clan sites.
  5. neabs keep a level of courtesy regarding any gaming or non-gaming topic being discussed in any neab medium.
  6. neabs participate in neab activities on a regular basis since doing so is probably one of the most fun experiences on the planet, and maybe even other planets.
  7. neabs recognize other neabs as people, and develop friendships through interacting in a number of ways (no homo, or maybe sometimes).
  8. neabs are required by neab law to have fun; failure to do so will result in being strapped into a Clockwork Orange chair and forced to endure Ponch one-liners until they cry.

You MUST sign up on the forum and intruduce yourself here so we know who the hell you are: Introductions Forum

Check out our Actives Members List to start playing with other neabs.

I also suggest visiting and idling in our IRC Channel since it's a great way to connect with neabs and organize games.